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Traian Basescu packs adversaries
"Unfortunately, the Constitutional Court continues to be reliable support for criminal politicians and MPs and prosecutors were wrong to enter the game, since all the criminal cases that have reached the Parliament so far had the Romanian President's consent for the start of criminal investigations." It was the President of Romania Traian Basescu who said it yesterday in his interview to the public radio station.
He argued as follows: "How come someone like Adrian Nastase, still pursuing a political career in Romania, is now avoiding to face a prosecutor? Why has he used lawyers to play all the possible tricks so that he wouldn't face a prosecutor for a testimony? A prosecutor may not ask you for it since you are a beneficiary of immunity artificially created by the Constitutional Court. As far as I know, no one wants to arrest or search Adrian Nastase these days. It is just that a presecutor must have means to make a politician testify." He added he was using this particular example because Adrian Nastase was a very talkative person.
As far as the criminal cases against ministers who were also MPs are concerned, the President commented they weren't made in 2008, an electoral year, but they had reached courts since 2005 and ever since they had been "on the road from the court to the Prosecutor's Office, from the court to Presidency and now to the Parliament."
"An expert in coups d'etat"
The President developed upon the talks between the PNL (National Liberal Party) and the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), more exactly between the Liberal leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Ion Iliescu, described as "an expert in coups d'etat". The head of state mentioned: "Tariceanu negotiated with the PSD, with Iliescu in particular, on two things: the PNL would vote for the suspension of the President and leave the Democrats without power and the PSD would support him during his entire mandate in exchange." (...)
"A feeling of cheat"
As for the ongoing electoral campaign, President Basescu confessed he had "a feeling of cheat" He added: "Were I part of Mitica Dragomir's League, I would say many of the candidates seem involved in a deal. You can see them praising each other in TV shows. They are ridiculous."
He admitted he would like to see true competition: "How can you say you are better than him, since you are such a sweet tongue when you talk to him? This brotherhood, with scandidates' mutual respect is ridiculous and it looks bad, it shows parties claiming to oppose each other are ready to hug and kiss behind shut doors when the time of truth comes."
The head of state explained: "Sometimes you have the feeling that those standing no chance have already started negotiations with the presumptive winner. (...) My feeling is that this a time of negotiations already, in certain situations. And there are other situations: there are unreliable parties with two candidates, an independent one and an official one and they are supporting the former more than they are supporting the latter."
And he concluded: "Unless there starts real competition and unless there is no combat, Romanians won't go voting because there won't emerge that tension that splits the electorate in sides."
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