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Parliament wants to do justice
The Romanian Senate is asking that the information on the Omar Hayssam case should be declassified, although the Senate has got no such attributions and it would thus get into a conflict with the CSAT (Supreme Council for National Defense). Senators are suspecting that several state institutions are involved in this and the declassification would cast light on the case. So the MPs proceeded to a parliamentary committee to look into Omar Hayssam's escape from Romania.
Conservative senator Marius Marinescu told his colleagues yesterday: " There seem to be several guilty people, several officials, some of them were promoted generals and another official who closed his eyes when Omar Haysam fled is now running in the election to become a mayor of Bucharest." He actually meant Vasile Blaga, formerly Romania's interior minister. In his argumentation on why there was need of a parliamentary committe to investigate on the affair, the senator claimed as follows: "We must give Romanians an answer about Omar Hayssam's escape from Romania".
Here are the 7 members of the committee: Social-Democrats Viorel Arcas and Nicolae Marasescu, Conservative Marius Marinescu, "Greater Romania" Party member Ilie Petrescu, Liberal senator Norica Nicolai, Democrat-Liberal Cristache Radulescu and Szabo Karoly, a senator representing the Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania. The report they are to draw is to be ready by October 31, 2008.
Conflict of attributions
There is doubt about the attribution the Senate is taking by the decision made yesterday. In Article 2 of the document there is stipulated that all the documents related to the Syrian businessman's escape from Romania are to be declassified, although this is the attribution of the CSAT. Article 3 demands all institutions involved in the case to provide the parliamentary committee with all the documents and information they have got.
Senator Marius Marinescu said the declassification was to obey the law, but those commitee members owning an ORNISS certificate might access the secret documents in the Haysamm case. "This is necessary so that we can see who is guilty", he argued.
He admitted investigations might get to the case on the Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq, which had been plotted by Omar Hayssam. He concluded: "Of course the investigations may extend. We can analyze all the aspects, but we are first of all interested in which officials are at fault, officials wishing the truth would not be reached." (...)
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