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Romania exports lions to South America
Here is a paradoxical situation in Braila, Romania. While most zoos in the country are are growing short of funds and room for the animals they shelter, the zoo in Braila has managed super production: 9 lion cubs are going to be taken to a reservation in South Africa, with help from the Vier Pfoten animal protection organization.The cubs aged between 3 and 9 months are to reach the Lion Rocks reservation.
It is to be added that the zoo in Braila has now got a number of 15 lions. According to zoo administrator Simona Draghinescu, the animals are going to be reintegrated in their natural environment by the end of spring, but not before identification chips are places under their skin.
After the 6 cubs leave the zoo in Romania, in Braila there will be left 6 adult lions: 3 males and 3 females. 1 female was already sterilized and another one is to undergo a hormone treatment in order to avoid multiplication.
Simona Draghincescu explains: "We intend to keep just 2 females and 1 male in time. The remaning 3 are to be transferred to Africa as well, for there is no other zoo in Romania to want lions, because they are present in an exceeding number in all the zoos."
Lions set out for Africa not only from this zoo. In August 2007, the zoo in Brasov, Romania, had 3 extra lions. Manager Dumitru Danes said the Vier Pfoten organization would help them reach Africa. (M.N.)
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