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Bug brotherhood
The President of Romania Traian Basescu and PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu can get along very well when it comes of the consolidation of a policemen's state. But they do it away from the elector's eye by means of secret decisions or government decisions adopted stealthily.
Under the Romanian President's command, the Superior Council for National Defense decided secretly in March 25, 2008 that all phone and Internet operators should have their servers available for the SRI (Romanian Secret Service) with view to interception. The National Regulatory Authority for Communications and Information Technology, an institution subordinate to the government, released a decision demanding private companies in the field to obey SRI orders. But it is the very customers, that is those bugged, to foot the bill for intercepting once with the phone or internet bill.
Because of the ambigupus phrasing in the decision elaborated by the president of the above-mentioned Authority, the intercepting may easily make room for abuse. The move was done while Romanian authorities were busy with the NATO summit in Bucharest and everyone was watching the event. The government took this for an opportunity to pass the decision on the making of a National Center for the Coordination of Public Order Actions, due to which in case of emergency the secret services are to obey Romania's Interior Ministry, a political instrument. (...) (D.D.)
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