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UDMR accused of ultranationalist rhetoric
The representatives of parliamentary parties in Romania have been very critical of the latest statement by Marko Bela, a president of the UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania), claiming it is unconstitutional. Moreover, they claim the UDMR project is unfeasible, for it is not aimed at the development of the region where the Magyars prevail.
Instigation to self-segregation
Cristian Diaconescu, a vice president of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), commented yesterday as follows: "The decentralization is to abide by European practices and the ethnic criterion for dividing development region doesn't exist. The rest is rhetoric."
According to the PSD leader, Romanian society needs a decentralization project, but one to pursue a equal standards of life for citizens.
"Ultranationalist rhetoric far beyond the constitutional frame" are the words Daniel Buda, a deputy from the PD-L (Democrat-Liberal Party), used to describe the UDMR leader's approach. He claimed it was a means to instigate Magyar ethnics to self-segregation within Romania. The PD-L representative argued: "Regional development on ethnic criteria is not acceptable. Unless he realizes this, Marko Bela will have to find another country to live in." And he developed upon the PD-L official view on the UDMR project: "The PD-L is going to vote against such a project. We are going to ask for sanctions against those pleading for it. The emergence of the Civic Magyar Party has fetched a radicalization of discourse and the UDMR is taking the Kosovo approach. They haven't even got some economists to make a good estimation of the resources they could find for such a development region. Such an approach can't be sustained."
Unconstitutional approach
Conservative Codrin Stefanescu describes Marko Bela's stand as unconstitutional, illegal and harmful to the state security. The conservative deputy explained: "The Conservatives had to promote laws to protect the Romanian minority in Romanian districts such as Harghita and Covasna by placing Romanian concilors in district councils just to calm spirits down in the respective regions." (...)
UDMR wants to rob the Magyars
Lucian Bolcas,.a vice president of the PRM (Greater Romania Party), comments in his turn: "Marko Bela's statement is part of his anti-constitutional attitude. It's obvious that such a man and such a group can no longer be represented in the government." And he went on: "The UDMR was represented in several governments. But the districts of Harghita and Covasna are poorer than those in the rest of Romania. So you can realize what autonomy may mean. To the UDMR, autonomy means isolation to rob the Magyars." He said he was disappointed with the attitude of the Liberals in power, who had no response whatsoever.
Cristian ANDREI 
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