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Grey finances for parties
The Transparency International-Romania criticizes the Romanian government's decision to simplify the procedures by which political parties get finance from citizens and companies, claiming the new regulation is in favor of non-transparent financing and increases politicians' vulnerability to corruption.
Last Monday the government did away with those norms demanding donors to state their interests and take the responsibility not to pursue to set directions for the poitical beneficiaries by their donations. According to the former norms, donating companies were recquired to show a fiscal certificate proving the financial state they were in.
Transparency International-Romania comments the changes will make the check mechanisms vulnerable and they will also encourage the financing of electoral actions aimed at personal benefits. The organization also warns it will effect on Romania's obligation to see to EU commitments, mainly to achieve an efficient mechanism to check on officials' personal properties and implement the community acquis on the monitoring of politically exposed persons.
According to Victor Alistar, the official of Transparency International-Romania, checks on companies with debts to the state budget, which make donations for parties, will become impossible. (...) (O.B.)
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