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Moldovans leave Voronin's estate
The Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin said early this year that he was "the president of Moldovans", which irritated Basarabians. And the President has lately signed a few hundreds of decrees on people quitting their Moldovan citizenship, according to Deutsche Welle Radio. There is also the fact that Vladimir Voronin is the richest politician in the Moldovan Republic.
The Official Monitor of the Moldovan Republic published the presidential decrees by which 289 citizens gave up their Moldovan citizenship. This tendency has emerged because more than 1 million Moldovans left the Republic to save their families from povery, unofficialy sources say. This is the first time that such a large number of Moldovans is giving up the citizenship, although the Chishinau leaders allowed for double citizenship 5 years ago.
And early this year the Moldovan Parliament passed a law banning people with double citizenship to hold public and official posts. Political analysts claim this law is used by the communist rulers to try and prevent the main leaders of the opposition, most of them enjoying Romanian citizenship too, from joining the 2009 electoral confrontation. (...) (G.D.)
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