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Government in trouble because of car fee
The PD-L (Democrat-Liberal Party) released yesterday the bill against the government called "Give the money back, Tariceanu". The party is asking that the Cabinet be dismissed for not meeting the demands of the simple bill on the car fee, as adopted by Romanian deputies. "This is not the first time this government has ignored the Parliament's voice" is written in the bill.
The fact that the government wouldn't do away with this fee or return the money already cashed is taken for defiance both of the Parliament and of Romanians. Cristian Radulescu, a leader of the PD-L group in the Chamber of Deputies, says 100 MPs have already signed for the bill. He also mentions there will follow talks with the other parties to get 17 more signatures so that the bill would reach the Parliament.
Yesterday the document against the same fee initiated by Realitatea TV station reached the Petition Committee in the Parliament of Europe. 123,000 Romanians signed for it, which is now top of the list of petitions with most supporters. The second one is signed by only 7,000 people.
The committee is to decide whether the document meets all formal criteria or not and then it is to address the European Commission, allowed to proceed to legal procedures. The Committee against Abuse in the Romanian Chamber of Deputies too analyzed the petition and the similar committee of the Romanian Senate is to tackle it next week. (G.D., A.I.)
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