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PM may recommend someone else for Justice
The Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu may recommend someone else should be appointed a minister of justice. According to Liberal sources, the PM may be delaying his choices for future ministers to head the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Defense so that interim minister Teodor Melescanu would rule over the former ministry for another 45 days and continue as a minister of defense too till after the NATO summit, due in Bucharest in early April.
As for Teodor Melescanu, at present heading both ministries, he thinks there are three possible ways out of this deadlock: more days for himself as interim minister, the appointing of another interim minister or the PM's choice for someone alse to head Romanian Justice. The decision is his anyway, he adds. For the time being the minister doesn't know if the Romanian PM wants to recommend someone else, claiming in the last meeting of the Liberals' Political Office they didn't take it up.
"I know nothing about it. It is the PM's right to make proposals on the government restructuring. Now I am a minister of defense and an interim minister of justice. It is up to the PM if this continues or another solution is to be found."
The Liberal admits it is difficult to head two ministries at the same time. "I want to do a good job. It is growing difficult for me to do 2-3 jobs", he comments. He adds it is not him to choose one of the two ministries, for he has already got the defense portfolio.
PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu said last Friday that he would analyze the Constitutional Court's decision on the Romanian President's refusal to appoint Norica Nicolai a minister of justice and he would then proceed to action. (A.V.)
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