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European Commission asks Bucharest for clarifications in CIA flights
According to BBC Romania, the European Commission is waiting for Bucharest authorities to provide details on the investigations concerning the alledged CIA flights carrying terrorist suspects, supposed to have crossed Romania. The Romanian Ministry of Justice was reached by a letter from EU Commissioner Franco Frattini.
The Washington Post reported two days ago that a Romanian official who wouldn't unveil his name had made statements that could lead to the conclusion that illegal CIA flights did cross Romania indeed.
The European Commission asked for a copy of the report authored by the parliamentary committee looking into the CIA flights and detention centers in Romania. Frisco Roscam Abbing, a spokesman for the EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini, said it last Monday, also expressing hope that the document would be released to the public. He explained they wanted details, more exactly on the actual investigations, the authorities working for it and the findings made. According to the spokaesman, the Commission is also expecting information about the research done in Romania after the release of the second Dick Marty report, published last June, a document including thorough information and details on the accusations regarding Romania's role in such flights. Commissioner Frattini's representative reminded it was about accusations pointing to human rights breaks and needing more unbiased and independent research.
Romania will try to give a complete reply
According to Gelaledin Nezir, a spokesman for the Romanian Ministry of Justice, the latter institution is working on a reply for the European Commission. He comments: "As they said, maybe the information wasn't clear enough. We will do our best to contact the parliamentary committee looking into it in order to give the European Commission a reply to include all the extra data on the situation. " (...) (M.N.)
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