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Spanish strike against Romanian Mafia
The Romanian Police announced yesterday that the international operation against a group of Romanians forging and using credit cards illegally effected in the arrest of 99 persons. According to Madrid officials, the Police and the Spanish civil guard proceeded to operations against several groups of Romanian criminals at work in Spain, arresting a total of 443 people. But it seems the other hundreds of Romanians Spanish authorities claim to have arrested are related to cases different from the card forge ones.
"Maybe the Spanish authorities have counted the Romanians retained in Spain last year. As far as the card forge operation is concerned, 99 Romanians were arrested", says Romanian Police spokeswoman Sarmiza Fetcu.
Spanish authorities announce by press release: "This operation that started last September has effected in the dismembering a great number of organizations of Romanian-origin criminals settled in Spain." They add most of the 443 people arrested are Romanians.
During the most recent operation of the kind, the Police annihilated a network specializing in credit card forging and working in Spain and more European states.
The latest operation, accomplished last week in cooperation with authorities from several countries, ended up with the arresting of 125 persons, 99 in Spain and 26 in Holland, Britain, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria and Turkey.
Mafia with headquarters in Valencia
According to the Spanish press, the action started after inquiry by the general department of the judicial police. Although there is no estimation of the damage done yet, judicial sources say it is about a few million Euro. While investigating the Spanish policemen ran into powerful Romanian Mafia with headquarters in Valencia and activity in Spain and another 5 European countries. They decided to forward the results to the Center for Information against Organized Crime. The investigators agreed that 31-year old Adrian Florin was the group leader. He was arrested during the operation.
By watching several organization members an their links, authorities reached ramifications of the network spread in Europe. Judge Fernando Grande Marlaska is in charge of the case and he asked the criminals should be arrested in such a way to make communication impossible between them. (G.T.)
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