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PNL and PSD wanted to cut on President's budget
-- The members of the PNL (National Liberal Party) and the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) in the Parliament's budget committee tried yesterday to harm the budget for Presidency by voting for a cut of 85 million ROL for 2008.
After expressing options they realized they couldn't actually harm the Romanian President's finance, since the Presidential Administration budget for 2008 was only 31,8 millions. Democrat Alexandru Mocanu, a member of the committee, explained that the government's representatives there admitted embarrassed that such a norm was "a foolish thing". He mentioned the respective amendment was authored by liberal Horea Uioreanu, but it lacked any motivation. The chair proceeded to voting at once, without asking the government to express view on it.
Yesterday the Democrats were intrigued that last weekend the PSD and the PNL had made a deal on the budget, effecting in the adoption of several PSD amendments with a social dimension. One such norm, which the Democrats may address the Constitutional Court against, has it that the distribution of funds to rebalance the state of things in Romanian districts is to be proceeded to again by the presidents of district councils, but not by the public finance departments, which would favor the PSD, the Democrat leaders claimed.
The other PSD amendments passed yesterday concern the development of the 'croissant and milk' programme for schoolchildren, the raise of allowance of children to 40 RON a month and finance to support the surviving member of a couple by providing him/ her with 25% of the pension the deceased cashed. (R.P.)
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