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Berlusconi's piovra
By blackmail and political pressure, the Italian group Finmeccanica, behind which there is Italy's ex PM, sneaked in several strategic activities in Romania.
One practical effect of it became visible a few days ago, when the Romanian Ministry of Defense signed a 200 million Euro contract with the Alenia Aeronautica, a member of the above-mentioned group. The military was thus forced into buying 7 C-27J Spartan aircrafts, although this latter type was proved severely flowed during use in Greece or Bulgaria.
The blackmail the Ministry of Defense was under is pointed to in a report by the secret services. One of Berlusconi's instruments was his media empire leading the anti-Romanian campaign troubling the EU.
The Finmeccanica has spread its tentacles in the defense, nuclear and special telecommunication industries. The group made use of the "tight" Romanian-Italian political relations in order to reach Romanian economy very deep. Tudor Tanase, formerly a head of the Special telecommunication department and an associate into a company in partnership with the Finmeccanica group, gave a hand too. There is also the fact that the "Evenimentul Zilei" daily did strong lobby for Berlusconi's piovra. In today's edition you can read more about the way the Finmeccanica tentacles caught the Romanian strategic industry. (...) (M.G.)
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