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  Nr. 4104 de joi, 6 decembrie 2007 
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LATEST - In Brief
Criminal heads Ministry of Culture
-- Romania's culture minister Adrian Iorgulescu is being investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Department because of the "bonus for pickles" affair with 22 billion ROL from the budget wasted.
The information ZIUA unveiled, concerning the purchase with no public auction of 10,000 cultural packages allegedly meant for the diplomacy staff in the EU, has made prosecutors' inquiry progress, for authorities have already asked the Court of Accounts for a report.
In today's edition you can read about the new business coordinated by the Ministry of Culture: 500,000 Euro for the acquisition of some works of art meant for the National Museum of Contemporary Art. 66 artists and gallery staff sent minister Iorgulescu a letter protesting against the initiative. The authors claim it is progressing in a manner lacking transparency and obeying inefficient, discriminating norms disrespecting European use.
It is to be noticed that the commission the Ministry of Culture assigned bought works of art belonging to members in this very commission. And the Ministry of Culture wouldn't say the price paid for one work or the other, using the idea of confidentiality as pretext. (...) (D.M.C.)
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