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Vote machine
The results of the approaching election of MEPs in Romania depend on the one who counts polls. Net Consulting Company is going to be in charge of the operation, due to the deal made with the President of Romania Traian Basescu and the PD (Democrat Party).
This IT company won the auction on the soft needed for the statistic work on the poll due in November 25. Several ZIUA sources claim the Net Consulting will help President Basescu and the PD. This IT connection is in strong ties with the secret services the President rules.
Although three businessmen own it officially, the NET Consulting is under substantial suspicion. One reason for it is the rumor the company is headed by the SIE (Foreign Intelligence Department) from the shadow. One of the owners is a business partner of Victor Macri, an ex captain in the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania) and also a son of General Emil Macri. ZIUA sources say Victor Macri has been active after 1989 too as an under cover officer in companies.
Net Consulting and its branches have always managed to get public finance contracts. The company's best time was when the Social-Democrats ruled Romania: the company got more than 220 billion ROL. In 2004, Traian Basescu accused the same company of faking elections, but the scandal faded away and then the President forgot about it. It was also the Net Consulting that counted the polls in last spring's referendum on the suspension of the Romanian President. (...) (V.A.)
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