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First conclusion on Patriarch's death due today
The College of Doctors in Romania is due to announce today a first conclusion on the surgery that caused the Romanian Patriarch to die. Gheorghe Borcean, a head of the jurisdiction committee in the above-mentioned college, said it yesterday. He explained: "We can now talk to the surgery and anesthesia commissions, since we have got all the points of view on the surgery, expressed by some experts in urology and other experts we have asked for opinion. We have experts' statements and the testimonies from the Police. After the jurisdiction committee hears them, we are going to express a conclusion."
He added: "In the first stage we collected opinions from some Romanian experts in urology and intensive therapy. Other investigative bodies talked to the respective teams in the meantime. The hearing by the College follows next." After the College of Doctors in Romania completes the analysis, the conclusion is to reach the Superior Commission for Discipline, due to proceed to a different analysis.
Today ZIUA can offer the institutions investigating on the case one piece of information on the probity of the surgery who performed the surgery on the Patriarch, dr. Ioanel Sinescu. He has many a time claimed that a clinic in Regensburg, where the now deceased Patriarch wanted to have his surgery done, recommended the Patriarch should ask him to do the surgery. After analyzing the Patriarch's medical record, the respective clinic is told to have informed the Patriarch that doctor Sinescu was most fit to perform such a surgery. His Holiness Serafim, a Bishop for Germany, Central and Northern Europe, who had got advise from the Patriarch before the surgery, denied the rumor categorically: "No clinic in Regensburg recommended Sinescu. Some individual did it." (...)
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