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Four roses and one FSN
The President's golden dream is to destroy the PNL (National Liberal Party), the last obstacle on the way of the great presidential party, recomposed of the two halves the FSN (Front for National Salvation) had split in. The split had targeted the making of two large parties, a left one and a right one, to rule Romania. The idea is that the FSN, a heir of the party mechanisms and especially of the means to get rich by stealing from the state, should be both in power and in the opposition at the same time, meaning the group should always be in power and face no real opposition, as the real power is in the services' hands.
The PD (Democrat Party) hasn't defined the doctrine embraced, which is now a chronic fact. The party is indifferent about doctrines. It was established to annihilate and then replace the right represented by the historical parties: the PNTCD (National Christian-Democrat Party) and the PNL. The PNTCD turned history right after the death of Corneliu Coposu, after getting power, although being unready for it, and then wasting energy in domestic disputes. As for the PNL, it is much more difficult or even impossible. First they tried to destroy this party amiably, by engulfing it together with the PD in a new party, the so-called "large right party", actually a right FSN, to be called the PLD (Liberal Democrat Party). The project ended up in the aborted foetus bearing the same name.
Presidency wasn't angry because of PM Tariceanu's refusal to head early elections right after the 2008 general elections. Presidency was more than furious because the president of the PNL was proving a fierce protector of this historical party, which he wouldn't see annihilated by means of melting into an artificial right group. Early elections would have been pointless, had there been no optional illusion. More exactly, an optional illusion of the great party of the union kind. Theoretically speaking, it was meant to prevent the left, in fact the FSN left, from taking over for a long time, whereas the right FSN was to get power.
Because of the Tariceanu-PNL obstacle, the plan failed. This is why the services serving Cotroceni Palace took up plan B. It is meant to discredit the PNL and rebuild the FSN by means of a PD and PSD (Social-Democrat Party) coalition to govern. The presidency staff is making use of Mircea Geoana to this end, relying on his great thirst for opportunities. The failed bill against the government pursued a colorless government as a way to lead to the great PD-PSD coalition. Two parties like two presidential toys. This is why Presidency needs leaders like Emil Boc and Mircea Geoana is about to become the Emil Boc of the PSD. His part is to discredit and thus do away with the adversaries of the presidential party.
Ion Iliescu and Adrian Nastase are the great adversaries. Cristian Diaconescu is one too, although it seems paradoxical. He is one great adversary because he deserves to head the PSD. The rumor that he is the President's favorite is a poisoned apple. Presidency needs servants like Mircea Geoana, but not people who use their own brains and reach beyond their personal interests. Cristian Diaconescu would need a team with honorary member Ion Iliescu and executive member Adrian Nastase, the man who provided the PSD with a modern doctrine, as well as with membership to the European Social democracy. A team able to provide the partnership structure for a future PNL-PSD government, the nightmare of the PD and the presidential services and the solution for the country.
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