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  Nr. 4001 de marti, 7 august 2007 
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Bo-peep with the resignation
-- Vladescu has announced again he would step out of his office at the Ministry of Finance, but he still hasn't mentioned when. The Liberal's statement gave satisfaction to PD in the pension war
PD (Democrat Party) sees Vladescu's possible resignation as a confirmation of their fears regarding the impact of the increase of pensions on the next annual budgets. (...) Adriean Videanu, PD executive president, has serious doubts regarding the fiscal policy of the current Government. However the foreseen VAT decreases in some products, such as bread, made Videanu say that the unique tax rate is thus endangered. In case the budgetary projection for the next year would put to danger the unique tax rate, Videanu didn't exclude the option of censure vote, as the 16% tax rate is part of the governing programme.
Geoana, angry on Vladescu
The leader of the Social-Democrat Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana stated yesterday that, in his opinion, it is unusual that the former minister of Finance Sebastian Vladescu says there are no sources for financing the pension law, initiated by PSD, while the Government said the contrary. (...) The PSD leader appreciated it would be very good that PM Tariceanu should call his ministers back to order and re-ascertain the financing sources for the pension law. At the same time Geoana assured that PSD would watch over the discussion on the 2008 budget so that the resources for the pensions are identified and the Law on pensions becomes effective on the 1 January 2008, as it had initially been established.
Illogical budget
PLD (Liberal-Democrat Party) president, Theodor Stolojan said yesterday that his party is waiting for a detailed substantiation of the income to the 2008 budget and, on account of the Government's answer, it would decide whether they initiate a censure vote against Tariceanu Cabinet. Stolojan said, as quoted by Mediafax, that the 2008 draft budget "showed a miracle at the chapter income, and that was the increase in the GDP of the income weigh of all budgets - State, local, that of the social securities, the medical one, the pension one, from 32% as it had been foreseen for 2007, to 37%". (...) (A.I., R.A., G.M., A.H.)
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