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  Nr. 4001 de marti, 7 august 2007 
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Ghost-like opinion poll with PD in heavy fall
-- A survey with original percentages was distributed to the editorial offices yesterday. The document, set down to "The Gallup Organization Romania" but not ascertained as such by the institute, does not contain the contact details of the sender nor those of the one that had ordered such a survey.
The mysterious "country-wide survey" is said to have been realized during 26-31 July 2007, on a population sample of 1138 persons, and has an error limit of plus/minus 2.9%. According to this opinion poll, PD (the Democrat Party) has only 37%, the distance between them and their main competitors, PSD (Social-Democrat party) - 22% and PNL (National Liberal Party) - 17%, getting ever smaller. The picture of the vote intention regarding the elections for the European Parliament (EP) has been completed with PNG (New Generation Party) - 8%, UDMR (Democratic Union of the Magyars in Romania) - 7%, PRM (Greater Romania Party) - 5%, PLD (Liberal-Democrat Party) - 2% and PIN (National Initiative Party) - 1%. When asked what are the teams they find more competitive for the European Legislative, most of the people would have answered the lists made up by PD and PNL, each rated to about 20 percentages. ZIUA contacted The Gallup Organization Romania and asked about the authenticity of this opinion poll. Elena Ciobanu, secretary at the institute, told us: "We cannot confirm. We have sent no communiqu today. It's your risk if you make it public". We recall you that, over a week ago, another opinion poll that was also attributed to Gallup was initially spread on the market without details regarding the research methodology. Later on, there was also reported the period when the investigation in the field had been carried out: 19-22 July 2007. According to that first survey, the pie of the vote options for the EP was shared by PD (41%), PSD (20%), PNL (12%), PNG (10%), PRM (5%), UDMR (3%), PLD (2%), PNTCD (National Peasant Party - Christian and Democrat) (2%) and "other" (5%). (O.B.)
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