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Two months ago, Gardianul and Ziua dailies published evidence showing that physician Ionel Sinescu had copied entire passages of a medical work paper published in America. Last week, the same physician was accused of having provoked Patriarch Teoctist's death. Is it a coincidence?
Almost like a premonition, our colleague Dan Coste published, on 24 July 2007, a synthesis of the plagiarism accusations in the Romanian medicine, reminding us that physicians Ionel Sinescu, Mircea Beuran, Anca Patrascu hadn't withstood the sanctions that every researcher in the world should withstand. The last inter-title of the article was "Warning for death" and it drew attention upon the fact that these medical careers, built up on account of an intellectual theft, may kill people. It has already happened to Dr. Doina Dumitrescu, admiral Cico's wife, when one of her female patients died after a common facial lifting. It was Prof. Dr. Constantin Ciuce from UMF (University of Medicine and Pharmacy) Cluj-Napoca who had accused Dr. Dumitrescu of plagiarism. Well, it's obvious that a direct link between the intellectual theft and the death of a patient cannot be established, but, in a way, the prototype of the intellectual who had started up by these methods announces such a risk. The plagiarist is mainly preoccupied with getting titles to enable their access among elites of a certain field. Otherwise, why should they steal someone else's paper, only to boast that they write books, thus running the risk of being ridiculous? A true researcher wouldn't give his work in a laboratory on the privilege to be around politicians, while the plagiarist is always elbowing to find supporters. The case of Dr. Anca Patrascu from Craiova is almost a classical one. She had got the taste of the political congresses since childhood, as she had been at the stand even next to Ceausescu. She is now pulling the strings in PSD (Social-Democrat Party), and authorized her concubine to represent her even in the relationships with her subordinates! Prosecutor Panal's ex-son-in-law (Panal was the most feared in Craiova during the communist times) is able to sue a newborn if s/he dares disturb Dr. Patrascu.
At least now, when even the Patriarch's death is suspected to have been provoked by a plagiarist physician, the College of Physicians and the Ministry of Health should quickly make an inventory of such kind of accusations and take measures against these elite thieves. It would be natural that the university world gets rid of this worthless stuff by herself. However, the plagiarism phenomenon is awfully extended in this field, and the solidarity with the proven plagiarists is a kind of surviving method.
If the plagiarism in literature or in philosophy does not kill, in medicine it can be anytime the substitute of the Lord of the Scythe. Eventually, who is a plagiarist? It's an individual who, while being aware of his/her reduced capacities, still wants to be above all. S/he first wants to be a doctor, then a professor, and when s/he developed the taste for upstarting, and sees that's feasible, well, s/he wants to get an academician. S/he does not have arguments with anybody, for fear not to be ridiculous; instead s/he always threatens with suing, which s/he never initiates.
The plagiarist is the ideal figure for those imagining occult scenarios, as s/he can be used in any situation, and can be convinced by means of promises or blackmail, two guaranteed methods, in the case of the plagiarist.
Sinescu says he didn't know who the personal physician of the Patriarch was. Even though I might find some friends to threaten me with changing my bathtub with a low quality shower, I daresay this statement hides something much more serious. I'm afraid that God knows what occult society was revolted on the Patriarch's longevity and wanted to help him get more quickly to the heaven. I'm also afraid that whoever they might have been, they've perfectly chosen the murderer to carry out their order.
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