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Vicious Romania
-- Every Romanian spent 6% of the monthly income on alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, which is more than he/ she spent on pastime, culture or health and it is even 7% more than the money set for education. The rate reaches even higher with the agriculture workers and the unemployed as well.
According to the data released by the National Institute of Statistics, one family of 2-3 members spent about 60 RON a month to buy alcoholic drinks and cigarettes in 2006.
There is estimated that in the last three month of 2006 a Romanian family paid 6,7% of their monthly income for alcohol and cigarettes. The monthly consume costs were estimated to reach 1,022 RON/ family at that time.
The money spent on education in the same period reaches an average of 0, 82% from the total of expenses, whereas the funds paid for pastime, culture and health was less than 4,5%. (...)
Romanians actually spend for education even less than what they pay for hotels, restaurants and cafes, about 1,1% of the total monthly consume. (G.M.)
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