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President is concerned about environment
Clime changes was this year's theme of the World Environment Day, an opportunity for the highest Romanian state authorities to show how important environment protection was and address people to ask them to be friendly with nature. "Not to care about environment today means to sentence the generations to come", President Traian Basescu pointed during the event organized by the Chamber of Deputies.
He mentioned one solution to environment difficulties: the government to finance project making, as in 2007-2013 Romania was to get from the EU 5,5 billion Euro meant for environment matters.
The President listed the main environment problems Romania was facing. He started with the lack of a factory to treat the used water in Bucharest, which he was very dissatisfied with, and he ended with pollution in cities. He emphasized the need to educate Romanians to show care for the environment. He mentioned the garbage tourists were in the habit of leaving on Prahova Valley and in the forests surrounding Bucharest after picnics.
As for politicians, the head of state concluded they were aware of it: "Government and the authorities have detected the problem. Apart from finance, projects are a problem." (L.M.)
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