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Secret meeting in Cotroceni Palace
-- President Traian Basescu and Mircea Geoana, president of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), met on Monday evening, trying to reach a solution to make the Tariceanu Cabinet collapse. According to sources who were present, it took place in Cotroceni Palace, the field of President Basescu, with the following protagonists: Mircea Geoana, Vasile Dancu, Cristian Diaconescu from the PSD and Democrats Emil Boc and Adriean Videanu. Ion Iliescu was the great absentee and yesterday he was absent from the PSD National Committee too to express protest. Liberal sources say the PSD are to negotiate with Tariceanu's Liberals today.
The meeting Basescu had with the Democrats and the Social-Democrats was more of fathoming the ground as it didn't yield in conclusions. Sources claim the head of state was very dissatisfied that Geoana came unprepared, as he had no mandate from party members on what the PSD wanted and was heading. The President didn't want to get the PD involved in the government, as he was aware that alliance with the party of "oligarchs" would have a negative electoral impact. The Social-Democrats replied that they had no guarantee that after Tariceanu's collapse Basescu would keep his promise.
Support for the Democrats' bill against the present government was another issue taken up. The PSD members were skeptical about it, but they mentioned a bill of their own with Democrat support as possibility. Still such a bill against the government is not such a great idea for the PSD, for early elections would be inconvenient. Sources say Geoana dared ask to be appointed a PM, and not just for one year, but for two.
Everyone left Cotroceni Palace with their own opinions intact and with no conclusions. (...)
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