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Whimsical love
-- It only lasted two years and a half. In September 2004 they swore love to each other, but they divorced two days ago, after one year of domestic violence.
There was only a step to take from "We will stand by you to better and worse, Traiane" to "What a pity that Romanians didn't elect another kind of President, with reliable knowledge of politics!" Analyzed now, the love expressed between Traian Basescu and Calin Popescu Tariceanu on the one hand and between the Liberals and the Democrats on the other hand in 2004 seems unimaginable.
"The future prime minister from the PNL-PD Alliance will be an extremely powerful one, a very efficient one", the head of state was mentioning three years ago. But the PM turned into "a liar" in the meantime and also into "a partner of the former structure", which is why the President regretted having appointed him.
In today's newspaper you can read a thorough report on the allies' short way to a disappointing divorce. Emil Boc's great wish, expressed in 2004, that the Alliance should take the arguments in the Democratic Convention and the Social-Democrats' arrogance as lessons has proved to be disillusion. (R.A., C.E.)
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