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Authorities don't give a penny on exceptional Romanians
The Romanian government has decided on the pay raise for the employees of state-owned institutions. The new regulation is to be used starting with February 1. The difference between the wages of those elected or appointed on political criteria and the great artists or professionals in Romania is huge.
If they decide to stay in Romania and work for state institutions, the great actors, stage directors, ballet dancers, researchers, computer experts agree to lead a poor life. But those who are elected or named public officials are protected against any concern. It is true that an official's wages should keep him/her away from certain "temptations", still the new regulation doesn't provide such safety. The government passed pay raise rules for the employees of state budgeted institutions and also for public officials. This year's raise is structured in 3 stages: 5% from January 1, 2007, 2% from April 1, 2007 and 11% from October 1, 2007. The clergy and religious cults officials are to get the same. The Emergency Ordinance no. 10 published by the Official Monitor in February 1, 2007, settles it. (...) (C.S.)
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