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Basescu talked to Kaczynski
The EU Constitution was one of the main issues taken up yesterday during the Romanian President's meeting with Lech Kaczynski, President of Poland., during the latter's visit to Bucharest.
At the end of the meeting President Basescu said that in order to unfreeze talks on the EU Constitution there was need to consider the views of France, Poland, the Netherlands and other states who hadn't ratified the document yet. Basescu emphasized Romania was one of the 18 states that had done this."We are willing to continue talks about the Constitutional Treaty", President Kaczynski mentioned. He said that Warsaw authorities would express view when the German Presidency over the EU was halfway through mandate.
The two heads of state reached consensus on the EU matters too, including the regional policy. The President of Poland commented that his meeting with the Romanian official was one of the most interesting talks he had had in the last 13 months, when he had met with about 20 heads of state. (A.H.)
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