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President proposed unification with Basarabia
Romanian President Traian Basescu told the Basarabia Olympics laureates on Saturday that Bucharest officials had proposed that the Moldovan Republic should join the EU together with Romania, Rompres says. Traian Basescu said: "I want to tell you something to the extent to which it can be told: Romania made an offer to the Moldovan Republic, to its president, to join the EU together with us. But this is up to Chisinau authorities and the inhabitants of the Moldovan Republic, depending on what they want to do." As Romania's EU membership talks lasted several years, President Basescu's words can be interpreted as a proposal to unify Romania and the Moldovan Republic. On Saturday he said Romania was "the only state, the only people still separated, as the German nation had become a whole again." (...)
Romania still separated
Romania is still separated in two countries. The Moldavan-Romanian unification will be achieved within the EU and no other way, the President claimed. He arranged lunch with 50 Olympics laureates from the Moldova Republic visiting Bucharest these days. Basescu told the students: "I believe you will have the power and joy to share real history even with those people in your country who don't trust it." The President reminded Romania had denounced the Robbentrop-Molotov Pact that had "split the Romanian nation in two" and outlined Romania acknowledged the will of Chisinau authorities to be separate, to be an independent state "deciding on its own Euro-Atlantic future."
Basescu described himself as a politician supporting the need to be at very good terms with the Moldovan Republic, to settle an openness that would help the neighboring state "to quicken the pace" so that the two states would become a whole again in the future, this time within the EU. He mentioned Romania's foreign affairs strategy had decided on facilities for schoolchildren and students from the Moldovan Republic to come and visit or study in Romania. (...)
Voronin-Basescu Axis
Ever since his mandate started President Basescu has managed to build special relations with Vladimir Voronin, President of the Moldovan Republic. At the end of last year the latter described 2005 as "interesting from all points of view: politically, economically and socially."
According to President Voronin, his republic's main achievement in 2005 was the making of a pro-European parliamentary coalition. As for the second one, he claims it consists in "the significant improvement of the Moldovan Republic's relations with Romania and the one hand and with Ukraine on the other hand." Voronin commented: "We truly appreciate President Basescu's fair attitude at the Moldovan Republic, at its independence and territorial integrity. We can feel Romania is most sincerely preoccupied with the difficulties the Moldovan Republic is faced with." (...)
George DAMIAN 
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