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PSD parliamentary motion used Basescu's style
Yesterday the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) read out to MPs a parliamentary motion against the present government called "Tariceanu's Government - Facts and Lies". PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu attended the session. The PSD vice president Mihai Tanasescu read it out.
Just as expected, lots of Alliance representatives were absent. As for the attendants, they were having fun, chatting and reading newspapers. MPs fed-up of hearing an interminable preferred the bistro inside the building.
The text couldn't even make the PSD representatives enthusiastic. Some of them were underestimating a document conceived by their own party, describing it as a poor copy of President Basescu's recent speech in the front of the Parliament. Some others confessed they would even vote against it.
The PRM ("Great Romania" Party) representatives disliked it too. Vadim had already announced a few days before that his party wouldn't support the initiative. PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Executive representatives didn't even care to pretend they were listening. Senate president Nicolae Vacaroiu gave a surprising explanation on the large number of absentees. "It is Thursday and many of them have got planes to catch."
"Demagogical and populist" action
PM Tariceanu described the PSD parliamentary initiative against the government as "demagogical and populist", claiming the text was a waste of time. He even opined it stood no chances to pass, because he thought Coalition parties were no cheaters. (V.D., R.P., R.G.)
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