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Difficult times for PSD
Sociologist Alin Teodorescu, a deputy from the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), explained in a long interview to the BBC the difficulties the party led by Mircea Geoana was going through. He opined it was wrong to believe the PSD and the PD (Democrat Party) were reaching the same side or to think that the PSD had a project on collaboration with the PRM ("Great Romania" Party). Teodorescu criticized the PC (Conservative Party) tough, although he didn't name it. He claimed the PC was "a tiny party proving to be the protector of Securitate agents because of its leader". The PSD deputy said he was a real adept of the law on lustration, claiming that those "who were information agents before 1990 did the same afterwards."
A scenario on destruction
Teodorescu said he was convinced that in case Tariceanu's government collapsed because of the Parliament, the PSD wouldn't welcome President Traian Basescu to the government. The sociologist outlined: "It would be a tragedy for us if Mr. Traian Basescu sacked us due to his 65%. It would be the end of us, we would vanish from the stage of politics." He also emphasized Basescu had the government he himself had made up and added: "A President's constitutional means to change what he himself has done are very little." Teodorescu explained: "What can he do? What he has been doing in the last 18 months: pushing the Alliance members, the Liberals and the Democrats, towards fusion. It would have been a political move menacing to us. Instead of facing two half parties, we would have faced a large Liberal-Democrat party, which is a trend prevailing in both Europe and the US. It was impossible. He tried to get the PM replaced and cause early elections. But he failed." (...)
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