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Communist regime thought to be criminal and terrorist
Historian Marius Oprea pleaded yesterday that the Parliament should urgently pass a law declaring the communist regime to be terrorist and criminal. Such normative document should be part of a legislative set on a moral reform in Romania. Oprea, PM Tariceanu's security adviser, explained: "There are talks with Ticu Dumitrescu so that a final solution would be reached. We propose that opposition against this illegal regime should be a legitimate act. Therefore any sanction against opposition to communism, by trials and court sentences, should no longer be incriminated."
He invoked the case of Ioan Gavrila Ogoranu, who died while a convicted, because of his record dating back to the communist era. Oprea mentioned: "All political detainees who die in Romania today die guilty to the state of Romania. I think it is unacceptable that the Romanian State should still consider them murders and criminals." He insisted that the legislative set on the moral reform should include the lustration law.
Oprea commented: "The first step was the ordinance modifying the Ticu Law so that the information services had to transfer the archive of the ex Securitate to the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive). There are untouchable points taking advantage of democracy to consolidate past privileges. I believe there are such cases among magistrates." He opined the Superior Council of Magistrates was unable to clean Romanian Justice.
He concluded: "There is need of precise and clear laws to ban access to magistrate position to those whose decisions harmed human rights in the past." (R.G.)
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