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  Nr. 3657 de vineri, 23 iunie 2006 
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What did the President want from the PC leader?
Traian Basescu wanted to talk to Dan Voiculescu. Otherwise, he wouldn't have even agreed to talk to the PC (Conservative Party) leader for a few minutes. The President has proved to be practical politician and it is hard to believe he went to the meeting just to see "the immoral solution" begging for mercy. Maybe the head of state was interested in the change of forces within the Coalition and the government as well. Most of the disputes between the Liberals and the Democrats have so far been caused by disrespect for the Alliance's decisions. Had Emil Boc shaken hands with Calin Popescu Tariceanu during the Coalition meeting, the PM could have overthrown things in the Coalition and have the leaders of the UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) and the PC on his side. Things would have been the same in the government. The same happened to some Democrat ministers, such as Monica Macovei, when the others were sticking together against her. But most relevant is the Democrats' idea to restructure the government. The PM and the Liberals were against it, just like the UDMR leader and the PC head. In the end they were dissatisfied, because the others didn't care. If the UDMR and the PC were on the Democrats' side, the Executive could be heading the way President Basescu pleases. (...)
Voiculescu's afterthought
Dan Voiculescu said something at least surprising Wednesday. Until then he had been suspecting President Traian Basescu of plotting a scenario against him. But on Wednesday Voiculescu produced a clue: PM Tariceanu might be the author of it as well. (...)
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