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Voiculescu negotiated with Basescu in Tuca's restaurant
Romanian President Traian Basescu and the PC (Conservative Party) leader Dan Voiculescu were in Marius Tuca's restaurant yesterday for 10 minutes. It was right after 2:00 p.m., when the restaurant was closed, as the staff was making preparations for a party. Presidency Administration hasn't confirmed the meeting, but admitted the head of state went to that restaurant. Dan Voiculescu arrived first and then Traian Basescu walked in. After 10 minutes the President was the first to walk out.
Both cars were parked in the back, where customers have no access. It is hard to believe that Voiculescu and Basescu sat at separate tables in an empty restaurant and didn't talk to each other, as Presidency claims.
It is to be mentioned that Marius Tuca returned to the Antena 1 TV channel this spring. There was only one special edition of his talk show with Traian Basescu as guest. The second one had Theodor Stolojan as guest. Tuca is one of the few journalists the President likes, but he is also an employee of the company Voiculescu's family owes. Tuca told us it was not "an arranged meeting", but mere coincidence, as the President was a regular of the restaurant, in the habit of phoning his wife to announce the visit, which didn't happen yesterday.
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