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Show the records!
The CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) decision that the PC (Conservative Party) leader Dan Voiculescu was a collaborator of the ex Securitate has caused huge media scandal. The sides involved keep on accusing each other every day and no one no longer knows who is right. Voiculescu claims he wasn't involved in political police activities, whereas the CNSAS is saying the opposite. As the evidence they used when reaching the verdict on Voiculescu is not public, incertitude lingers on and the promised moral cleaning of the nation is turning to dust.
ZIUA is taking this opportunity to suggest a solution meant to do away with the ambiguity on the past of public persons: the records of officials and candidates to key official positions should be published on the Internet. This way citizens can see who are those who were connected to the ex Securitate and what connections they had. We believe that on a transparent background people can judge on their own who did wrong and who didn't. Vote and support will follow accordingly.
The majority is for it
Citizens have enjoyed our proposal. One opinion poll drawn last month by the BCS (Social research Office) shows the Romanians want to know the rulers' ties with the ex Securitate and see the records of public officials. 63% agree that the entire archive of the Romanian Communist Party and the Securitate should be published on the Internet so that everybody can read it. Only 12% are against it and there are also 19% who take no interest in the issue.
Poor law
The legislation on the access to the records of the Securitate records allows citizens to request information about the past of a certain official. But this point has proved inefficient. The CNSAS is the institution entitled to handle it. But they are too busy checking the past of candidates to official positions. On the other hand, many "certificates of good behavior" the CNSAS released in the past mean nothing now, because of mounting evidence. This is exactly the case of Dan Voiculescu.
ZIUA is opening debate on the above-mentioned proposal. In today's newspaper you can read the opinions of some researchers and analysts, civil society representatives. You can read more comments tomorrow, when we also look into the way neighboring countries settled problems related to the communist past.
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