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Militiaman heads SIF
Here is an unbelievable fact: the money of million Romanians got to Dinel Staicu, an worshipper of the Ceausescu couple, now investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Department. This Ph. D. in underworld economics was a photographer and a militiaman. Still he was selected to head the SIF (Financial Investment Company) in Oltenia. Now he is about to become a general director, if he gets consent from the CNVM, although the National Anti-Corruption Department will sue him for cheating on the ex BIR (International Bank of Religions) with 450 billion ROL. But because of the same Dinel Staicu the Universitatea Craiova soccer team went bankrupt too. It was the first time in history that the latter team got to second division in Romania, as the ex militiaman had grabbed the last resources.
Dinel Staicu has been remarked for his passionate and constant admiration for Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu and the communist regime. He made the Park of the Socialist Republic of Romania in Craiova, the most monstrous Kitsch ever in Romania. And here is the climax: in this park dedicated to communism there is a bust statue of Antonescu, among cannons and more kitsch objects. (...) (G.T.)
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