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Report on communism to become official state document
The presidential commission to analyze the communist dictatorship in Romania was established to meet Romanian president Traian Basescu's request that the communist regime in Romania should be officially condemned on grounds of a rigorous and coherent document, elaborated by specialists famous for their contribution to the research on communism. Vladimir Tismaneanu, a professor of political science at Maryland University and author of essential studies on Romanian communism, is president of the commission.
In yesterday's meeting the president of Romanian explained he wanted the commission to draw a thorough report that would allow him to condemn the 50 years of communism in Romania officially . The head of state outlined he would declare the future report to be an official document of the Romanian state. (...) Basescu opined Vladimir Tismaneanu was the only personality entitled to train the competence of the recently made commission and thanked him for accepting it.
The president said the deadline for the report was up to the commission, but he expressed wish that the final document should be "a clear, precise and rapid solution." He told commission members they had all his support with view to access to the archives of institutions in possession of documents needed for writing the final report.
In the end the head of state expressed hope that the commission would be a "decent" structure as far as public relations were concerned and outlined it was desirable that none of the members should try to attract capital by means of future activity in the commission. The head of state chose Vladimir Tismaneanu to become spokesman of the presidential commission. The latter is therefore allowed to publicly provide information about the commission's activity.
Here are some members of the commission Vladimir Tismaneanu is head of: Sorin Alexandrescu, Sorin Antohi, Mihnea Berindei, His Holiness Nicolae Corneanu, Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu, Radu Filipescu, Virgil Ierunca, Sorin Iliesiu, Gail Klingman, Monica Lovinescu, Nicolae Manolescu, Marius Oprea, Horia-Roman Patapievici, Dragos Petrescu, Andrei Pippidi, Romulus Rusan, Stelian Tanase, Cristian Vasile and Alexandru Zub. (...)
The commission is going to elaborate a synthetic report on the connection between communist practices and ideology in Romania. It is to be handed in to the president of Romania by the end of October and then be used to condemn communism. The report is to have about 100 pages and some annexes. It is going to be an accessible document so that the citizens of today's Romania and future generations will know and understand the repressive nature of the communist dictatorship, at both social and individual level. (...) (C.E.)
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