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Romanians want Basarabia to unify with Romania
If there were referendum on the unification of the Moldovan Republic with Romania, 51% of Romanians would vote for it, says latest opinion poll by CIVIS.
Only 27% of Romanians citizens are more skeptical and they would go for the present state of things to stay unchanged. (...)
Most Romanians have got no knowledge of president Traian Basescu's intentions and means to achieve such unification with the Moldovan Republic. 41% say they can't answer such a question. 35% believe the president wants it, but he can't do it. Only 14% claim the head of state "neither wants nor can" proceed to unification. 10% of Romanians opine the president wants and can do it.
"Few" and "very few" foreign affairs changes
As for Romania's foreign affairs strategy, 47% of citizens can perceive "few" and "very few" changes made in the last year. 36% say the opposite. (...)
44% of the people questioned distrust the professional training of Romanian ambassadors. Only 37% of Romanians are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with Romania's foreign affairs policy. 15% are dissatisfied with it. Only 37% express satisfaction with the activity of Romanian foreign minister Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu.
Most citizens say they are impressed with president Traian Basescu's conduct at international level. 60% of Romanian look up to the head of state, whereas only 13% express unfavorable opinion. (...) (O.B., A.M.L.)
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