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Basescu can condemn "the red plague"
-- CISC report confirms communist crimes
Sorin Iliesiu, vice president of the Civic Alliance, wrote a letter to Romanian president Traian Basescu yesterday, asking that the latter's initiatives meant to condemn communist crimes should take into account the report elaborated by the historians in the International Center for Research on Communism. The latter is part of the Civic Academy Foundation, supervised by a scientific council made up of several personalities specialized in Romanian and world communism.
In his letter Iliesiu explains that due civil society the report the president demanded has been elaborated in a perfect scientific version. Iliesiu mentions the document took 12 years, with a team of historians working on it.
Iliesiu is member of the Social Dialogue Group and initiator of appeal for condemning communist crimes, publicly expressed in March 10. In his letter he mentions as well that the respective documentary is partly included in the "Memorial of Communist Victims and Resistance" in Sighet, which Ana Blandiana, member of the Civic Academy Foundation, initiated in 1993. (...)
The author of the letter persuades the president of Romania in the end: "Mr. President, by condemning communist crimes you will prove political will to do historical justice, which is the start of the national reconciliation civil society has been asking for since 1990." (V.D.)
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