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Separation from Socialists
The separation of PD (the Democrat Party) from the world's Socialist families seems to be only a matter of time. Traian Basescu's former party is daily showing more and more obvious signs of separating from EPS (the European Socialist Party) and the Socialist International. PD members can't forgive EPS for having provided constant support to PSD (the Social-Democrat Party) during the election campaign in 2004. Now PD is rather angry with the decision ESP reached last week, when it admitted PSD as full right member and provided PD with associate member status only. As PD seems to be outside game, PD members have started changing attitude. Interim president of PNL Emil Boc did this yesterday. He reproached the European Socialists for not having postponed decision about PD till after the PD Convention.
The Socialist International has got Council in Tel Aviv. PSD executive president Adrian Nastase is representative there. As for such representation, the announcement made by PD is very relevant: " Although absurd, supposing you are still interested in the Socialist International Council in Israel due in May 23-24, please keep in mind that PD representative, Deputy Monica Iacob Ridzi, will attend reunion too."(O.B.)
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