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For now, Basescu as great winner
-- Reporters sans Frontiers: "We are thinking about Florence Aubenas"
International press on Bucharest officials' victory
World's press has informed that the three Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq two months ago were freed. Most publications quote the Romanian President's statement, saying Bucharest officials have reached no compromise to end crisis.
In an article titled "Romania relieved by hostages' release", French daily Liberation writes about the reactions of the three journalists' families, as well as of the press team the released journalists work for. Liberation says "For now, president Traian Basescu is the great winner in this case". French dailies Le Monde and Le Figaro outline that Romanian officials did not surrender to pressure, despite the Romania opposition's claims that Romania should retreat troops from Iraq. The two French dailies mention President Basescu's active participation to end crisis. Le Monde also refers to Florence Aubenas, French journalists kidnapped in Iraq about 150 days ago, along with her Iraqi guide Hussein Hanoun.
Reporters sand Frontiers opines that the release of the three Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq is "an encouraging sign for French journalist Florence Aubenas working for Liberation and her Iraqi guide Hussein Hanoun." The organization expresses satisfaction at the happy ending reached. Robert Menard also mentions: "But we are thinking about Florence Aubenas and Hussein Hanoun Al-Saadi. They have been hostages for more than five months now and we can't rejoice this victory to the full. "
CNN: Romanian government doesn't retreat troops from Iraq
CNN informs that the Romanian government did not surrender to kidnappers, asking Romania to retreat the 800 soldiers from Iraq. CNN also mention it has been the first time that Romanian citizens have been taken hostage in Iraq.
More US publications such as The New York Times, USA Today and Washington Times report on the release of Romanian journalists against the background of US and Iraqi forces starting offensive against insurgents in Western Baghdad. ()
Anne-Marie Lupascu 
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