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  Nr. 3330 de marti, 24 mai 2005 
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Talpes makes tricky move
In the very day when the three journalist arrived to Romania and were taken over by authorities for questioning and quarantine, the man who used to be head of the National Security Department during Iliescu's rule resigned from PSD (the Social-Democrat Party). His motivation was at least strange: because of the way party members treated Iliescu. The ex president doesn't even know about the decision of the ally who sacrifices political career for his sake. PSD is now trying to deny connections with Hayssam and the Arab business community. Geoana announced he would ask the Moral Integrity Council to search the connection between the Syrian and party leaders such as Talpes, Priboi and even Ion Iliescu. It is certain that starting from Hayssam authorities are now checking financial connections between former influent rulers and the dirty cash machine belonging to the Arab mob in Romania. USA has also opened thorough investigation on Mohammad Munaf. The Iraqi-origin citizen was retained in Baghdad for investigation on information jeopardizing the coalition in Iraq. But Hayssam's main ally is also investigated for trade operations involving Romania, USA and Syria and significant financial transfers. Hundred people were arrested in Baghdad right after the Romanian journalists had been set free.
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