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Proclamation for Romania
Sorin Iliesiu is member of GDS (The Social Dialogue Group) and founder of the Civic Academy Foundation. He appeals that a Civil Society for Romania (SCR) should be founded in order to handle the moral reform. The project must be founded on the principles in the Proclamation of Timisoara written in March 1990 and updated for 2005. The New Proclamation will have to ask for: a Trial on Communism, the truth about the coal miners' strikes and the Revolution, and the elimination of corrupted, ex activists, Communist Secret agents from the Justice system, as well as for a radical fight of corruption and mob. SCR would ask that a Law on Lustration should be adopted at once in its best version, elaborated by Ticu Dumitrescu. Iliesiu propounds the new Proclamation should have public launch in late May 2005 by meetings in Bucharest, Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj and Iasi.
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