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Romania to provide humanitarian assistance to Georgia
The Supreme Council for National Defense (CSAT) decided yesterday that Romania would provide Georgia with humanitarian assistance, upon the request expressed last Monday by the Georgian government. Romania is once again demanding all sides to prove a sense of responsibility and cease hostilities at once so that there can follow talks to fetch peace and stability to the region.
Yesterday's reunion of the CSAT members was the second one the institution had in order to analyze the evolution of things in the Caucasus. Unlike the previous one, yesterday's meeting was attended by all the CSAT members, PM Calin Popescu Tarceanu one of them.
According to sources, the officials discussed about Georgia's request for help and they decided that medicine and medical equipment would reach Tbilisi. Sources also say they analyzed the evacuation of Romanians from Georgia, mentioning that only 30 of the 50 Romanians there had been evacuated. Sources add it is their choice whether to leave Georgia or not.
The CSAT members analyzed Romania's involvement as negotiator in the peacemaking process in Georgia, according to sources from the Romanian Ministry of National Defense. Notice is said to have been taken of the friendship between the Romanian President Traian Basescu and Mikheil Saakashvili. Sources announce that Romania's foreign minister Lazar Comanescu will be off to Brussels today to give assistance on solutions to a common approach of EU members to the situation in Georgia. (...) (Z.O.)
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