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PRM pursues pre-electoral alliance
According to Corneliu Vadim Tudor, a leader of the PRM (Greater Romania Party), his party is considering the idea of making a pre-electoral alliance in order to make it to the Parliament. The National Council session is due in September 6 so that the executive leaders of the PRM will be elected.
The PRM leader argued as follows yesterday: "We are considering several possibilities not to please the villains who want Romania left without an immunity system. We are considering any idea, except for the idea that our party will go extinct. Greater Romania is a very powerful brand".
He mentioned it would be a lawful alliance since the group to be established would need at least 8% in order to proceed to political fusion or alliance.
Corneliu Vadim Tudor admitted that his party had offers and he mentioned that Lucian Bolcas and Gheorghe Funar were in charge of negotiations on behalf of the PRM. But he would not mention the parties taking interest in it, claiming that they were just fathoming the ground for the time being. "Except for fusion by engulfing the PRM and except for the Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania, we are talking to all the parties", the PRM leader said. Yesterday he also announced that Ion Coja, a president of the Bucharest branch of the "Vatra Romaneasca" Union, wished to join his party.
When asked which political groups was the PRM interested in with view to electoral collaboration, Corneliu Vadim Tudor replied: "We shall make a patriotic and judicial cartel which would ruin many plans in November or December". (...)
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