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Supreme Council for National Defense plays tricks
The CSAT (Supreme Council for National Defense in Romania) agreed that Romania should deliver old firing machines to Georgia and Jordan for new weapons. The beneficiaries got flawed objects, so Romania made a fool of itself on a most important export market.
The CSAT gave a theoretical consent to this transaction, but the business was actually handled by the Liberal gang in Alba, headed by Teodor Atanasiu. When the contract was signed in 2006, the latter was a Romanian minister of defense and a member of the CSAT. At that time several Liberal leaders were ruling over the Romtehnica Company, part of the defense industry, and also over the factory in Cugir. The latter institution, one of the parties that signed the contract achieved via the RomArm, is now likely to lose its authorization to export.
Another failed contract was on a delivery of special spyglass rifles to Jordan. The Century Arms is a US Company that intermediated the affair and the Americans claimed that each weapon reaching them from Cugir had an extra hole. The Romanian company was returned the flawed weapons and it is to pay damages to the importers. (...) (P.N.)
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