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  Nr. 4297 de miercuri, 30 iulie 2008 
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Ukraine attacks from two sides
Kiev authorities proceeded to important operations on the so-called Bastroe canal last weekend, official sources claim. The mass media in Ukraine has put a deadlock in the development of the Bastroe project, thus muffling another abuse committed by the rulers in Kiev.
According to Cosmin Boiangiu, a spokesman for the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Durable Development, in charge of bilateral cooperation with Ukraine for the administration of border waters, has recently been announced by the same ministry in Ukraine about the institution's intention to start dredging operations on the Chilia branch, a part implied by the Bastroe project starting with the third term of 2008. The official has announced that Romania replied that the ex Soviet state should "refrain" from any activity that would disregard the recommendations coming from international institutions or break the commitments Ukraine has several times taken, even during the Romania's foreign minister recent visit to Kiev. At that time Ukraine' foreign minister highlighted that the Kiev government did not intent to break obligations in terms of international norms.
Ukraine's unilateral decision is emerging in spite of the sanctions settled by the states affiliated to the Espoo Convention, the Berne Convention, the Aarhus Convention, the Ramsar Convention, the UNESCO and the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River. The MEPs passed last June while in Strasbourg a recommendation demanding that operations to build the Bastroe canal cease, since the region at stake ran the risk of an ecology disaster.
Acute difficulties
The harm and casualties recently effecting from the floods striking Romania, mainly territories such as the historical Maramures and northern Bucovina, under Kiev occupation now, have once again brought to the fore institutionalized corruption against the Romanian ethnics in Ukraine. Minister Ogrizko mentioned in his meeting with Romania's foreign minister that Ukraine was a state with respect for all the standards and norms concerning the protection for minorities, adding that, to his country, so abuses committed against the Romanians were "allegations" and difficulties that didn't actually exist. Kiev authorities' lacking interest in support for the Romanian communities in the territories at stake is accompanied by Ukraine's intention to direct great quantities from the catchment basins on the Dniester river, which has got devastating effects over Basarabia.
President Viktor Yushchenko is on holidays since yesterday, when he set out for the Crimea in the Black Sea, a favorite destination of ex Soviet leaders nd their successors in the ex Soviet states. He denied the accusations coming from the Kiev mass media, arguing that the state of things in the flooded areas was under control.
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