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  Nr. 4297 de miercuri, 30 iulie 2008 
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Rain comes from the East
Romania is again unable to resist rough strikes coming from the East. Devastating flooding is taking Romanian authorities by surprise, just like it surprised them two years ago. It is no coincidence that the flood coming from the ex Soviet region is arriving at times of chain geopolitical and geostrategic disputes with our neighbors in Ukraine and the Moldovan Republic, when the state of Romania is more and more weakened as far as institutions and information are concerned.
The Romanian officials in charge of interior and foreign affairs have found themselves faced with an emergency situation, but at times when they have got no communication and information sources in these two ex Soviet states, which would help the people in the damaged areas. But no information is coming at all.
When the 2006 floods occurred, ZIUA published a thorough report on the weather weapon and the effects of it. It is something the military world, the intelligence one and the white collars are very familiar with. All the great powers have got ample labs to be used as weather weapons to military ends. Why wouldn't Ukraine, a former USSR republic, endowed with nuclear resources, have such a thing? But who is there to learn such things? Romania's lacking agents in the post-Soviet space? It goes for Hungary, our 'friend', too. As for Ukraine, Romania has always boasted about cordial relations with this state. For NATO! For EU! Look where they have led us now: no one is answering the ringing phone of Viktor Yushchenko, the President of Ukraine. The Kiev leader is vacationing by the Black Sea. Before taking his leave, he told the press that things were "under control" in all the areas harmed by the flooding. Mind you that it is the Romanian communities that are harmed in Ukraine: northern Bucovina, Hertza County and historical Maramures. But the high flood is now heading the south.
Ukraine, our neighbor, which grabbed the Snakes Island and more Romanian territories of old - all of them flooded today - by treason, has been involved in several highly important clashed in these last years or orange 'friendship'. The documentation Romanian fetched to Hague to defend its continental plateaus in the Snakes Island area has of a few thousand pages. Unfortunately, Romania categorizes other topics of the same importance as "other matters". The Romanian minority is truly oppressed Ukraine. The Romanians there have got no means to go to school teaching in their mother tongue. And there are some governmental officials who have given a hand so that they would get no grants to study in Romania. The Council of Europe is still waiting for Romania to respond, but Romania is late. After the latest meeting of Romania's foreign minister Lazar Comanescu and the Ukrainian foreign minister Volodimir Ogrizko, the two officials held a press conference with the latter official mentioning without a blink that Romania was in the habit of meeting all standards and norms concerning the protection for minorities. He also described abuses against Romanians as "mere allegations" and "problems that don't exist". As for the Bastroe project aggressing the Danube Delta, he said the same, although it is a project by which Ukraine is trying to avoid EU and NATO control over its ships. Despite all the Kiev officials' promises to the UN, the NewIn journalists learnt yesterday that Ukraine is continuing work on the Danube-Black Sea channel. There is also a forgotten debt of about 1 billion Euro (in Krivoirog). As far as the Transdniester conflict is concerned, Ukraine has ceaselessly undermined any presence and project in Bucharest, encouraging plans to federalize the Moldovan Republic. Romania and the latter republic are walking on the same hot roof. The petty czar in Chishinau has managed to fry Romania on both sides in the last years. The blackmail asking that the two states' authorities should sign the treaty in "the official languages of the two states" has got supported from certain US and German groups. And Germany has always been "impartial" in its relations with Great Russia and its subjects.
Romania's bankruptcy is being disclosed again as a crisis has settled in. No one from Ukraine or the Moldovan Republic can give precise information. The military is silent, the Foreign Intelligence knows nothing, the Romanian Secret Service has just dismembered its branch in that area. Journalists and jeeps that reach the flooding mire can't reach information to rescue the casualties and protect Romania.
Victor RONCEA 
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