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  Nr. 4272 de marti, 1 iulie 2008 
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Defense Ministry asked for proof of Ceausescu couple tomb
The Romanian Ministry of Defense will have to show proof that the Ceausescu couple was buried in the Ghencea cemetery in Bucharest. This is the irrevocable decision reached yesterday by the Bucharest Court of Appeal in the trial that had opened upon request from the late Zoe Ceausescu, the couple's daughter, who had asked that her parents be exhumed, for she had doubts about the place they were interred.
After a 3-year trial the court made the final decision yesterday and the above-mentioned ministry is now to prove with documents that the late Romanian dictator and his wife were buried in the Bucharest cemetery.
The sentence was reached after the judges had admitted the request coming from the couple's heirs. The latter claimed they didn't believe they parents had been interred there. Still the magistrates dismissed their claim that the bodies be exhumed for DNA expertise.
The Defense Ministry officials haven't opposed the idea, but they have argued they can't understand why the ministry is thought responsible for it, since the institution just carried out an order coming from someplace else. (...) (Z.O.)
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