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  Nr. 4272 de marti, 1 iulie 2008 
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Demagogy to approach rising prices
The President of Romania Traian Basescu is to talk to the leaders of the parliamentary parties about the rise of food and fuel prices in order to reach solutions to attenuate the impact of it on the disfavored social categories. The electoral nature of this initiative is very visible, since Presidency Administration has got no means to settle the price rising. On the other hand, the political parties are competing in promises, since 2008 is a year of elections. The politicians who missed the start for promises jumped to deny them an then they changed their minds, even asking that the pension raise should take place earlier than scheduled, for instance.
The promises the PD-L (Democrat-Liberal Party) is going to make are meant for the electors to hear. They are no remedies for macroeconomy, but electoral promises. Their 5 measures to be taken soon are making the left parties envious due to the amount of populism they include. The first would be the increase of the lowest income guaranteed, the second would consist in finance supplied for heat and electricity bills. According to the PD-L president Emil Boc, this is the first time a party is supporting the idea that citizens should be paid some extra to afford foot the electricity bill. A third measure would be to improve the minimum wages in the country from 500 RON to 575 RON so that it would cover for the estimated price rising entirely. And the most spectacular proof of demagogy is the idea that the pension raise should be 45% instead of 37, 5% of the average salary, and it should come into force in August 1, 2008 instead of January 1, 2009. So the PD-L is actually proposing what the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) is in the habit of proposing. Although the Democrat-Liberals were rather reticent to the sustainability of the pension rise promoted by the PSD and the PNL (National Liberal Party), the approaching elections are making them more flexible.
The PD-L delegation to go to Cotroceni Palace to talk to the Romanian President is made up of Emil Boc, Theodor Stolojan and Gheorghe Pogea. They are also going to provide the head of state with a set of long-term measures to cut on Romania's energy dependence and turn the country into an exporter of agriculture products.
Social-Democrats reach higher
The PSD is determined to push things and summon an extraordinary session of the Romanian MPs to carry out their social programs. They say they want teacher's salaries to be 50% richer, claiming they won't put up with the 7% offered by the government. "We shall use any parliamentary means to carry out our projects", spokesman Cristian Diaconescu announces. The party is also pursuing a differentiated VAT on basic food products, about 5%, and they want the minimum wages to be 540 RON. "We don't think this would harm inflation. The government has no longer got control over it, but they are blaming it on us now", one PSD vice president comments.
Party president Mircea Geoana is not attending the consultations, for he is abroad at present. (...)
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