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  Nr. 4272 de marti, 1 iulie 2008 
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Why is there no Romanian voice in Brussels?
Because of our inability at games, amateurishness, carelessness and Phanariot indifference at administrative structures. We take the latter for at least useless, because we are sure one gets something only if one does favors. It is also because of the Romanian diplomats' powerlessness. Each generation's diplomats continue to bring grandchildren and other family relatives in the system. Their main concern is to avoid getting on the nerves of those holding power and their successors, which are selected a considerable time before being appointed. They are detected early due to an unfailing instinct.
Romania is a country ruled by the political power, so everything is a desperate search for survival. But this is no news, for this is everywhere. Still there is a good governing rule that says administration should be protected against political influence. On the other hand, as far as the common play for power is concerned, there is an unexpressed, but always obeyed practice that would not allow the battle in the national politics to effect on foreign affairs too. Still this is what we are very good at. For years on end now Bucharest has fueled Brussels only with the recess of the dirt, filth and poison coming by all the possible communication means each and every day. It is tradition that endows us with a habit such a complaining, a political lesson we learnt fast, together with the skill to change the addressee naturally and precisely, depending on the new masters.
The complaints are now meant for Brussels and they concern the country report on Romania. To every Romanian politician, this is an opportunity to attack the political enemy and take the voice of EU institutions to accuse them of incompetence, ill intention, corruption. The intention is to leave them without power. It is impossible for us to imagine Romania's representatives to the Parliament of Europe can stick together for common initiatives to serve their country. Events organized by the Romanian members of a certain group are attended by their colleagues only if their political alliances back home allow them to. If not, the event doesn't exist or it is turned into caricature.
There is also the fact that our representatives, not only the government and the Foreign Ministry in power, have never held an event to announce things and give journalists materials to show the state of things in Romania, not the way it looks if described in propaganda words, but a true statistic mirror of what has been achieved in a country where reforms are nevertheless yielding. Ask Romania's embassy for such documentation on the state of our Justice reform and of religious freedom! You already know what they will reply. It has been the same for years now.
So Laszlo Tokes took this parliamentary initiative to talk about religious freedom in Romania, he was smart enough to produce rich documentation and argue for his view in Magyar, English and Romanian. His parliamentary office worked perfectly, providing you at once with any document you needed. But we got angry when learning what had happened during the press conference. It is just that our officials in Brussels didn't utter a word. For it is discount time, right? Our priorities are different for the time being. We've got no time for trifles. And after all, why would we care? Maybe Traian Basescu gets angry and gives us some work to do, which wouldn't be nice. This is what matters and nothing else.
Cristian UNTEANU 
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