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Corneliu Vadim Tudor forced to resign
Most leaders resigning from the Permanent Committee of the PRM ("Greater Romania" Party) have decided to join other parties unless they manage to schedule a Congress and sack party president Corneliu Vadim Tudor. One party leader tells us: "He is strongly holding on his president seat and he wouldn't hear about a congress. Unless he takes responsibility for he party's failure in the local elections, the PRM parliamentary group will be made of ex Communist Secret Service collaborators that no party welcomes and of the ladies loyal to him."
Since he can guess the leaders are scared at the idea that they won't make it to the Parliament and they want to dump him, Corneliu Vadim Tudor tried in last Wednesday's meeting to fool them to stay in the party, claiming they would "certainly" get to the Parliament" and arguing that the uninominal vote system would be taken up only in 2012.
Leaders' discontent
The PRM members are very annoyed with the way their president rules the party and with the fact that he wouldn't admit he is guilty of the election failure. So they have argued that he must quit, since it was himself who appointed all the members of the Permanent Committee, who have now resigned.
One deputy from the party comments as follows: " Vadim selected all the 28 members of the Permanent Committee in the last congress. We didn't even know them, he didn't even give us a list to vote for or against. He just said we should vote for the whole hoard and everybody voted without even knowing for whom. Since the people he himself appointed have resigned, then why is he still a president?" (...)
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